Administrative Departments

Function : The Academic Affairs Department is responsible for students' registration and keeping records. It also takes charge of extra-curricula activities, administration of examinations and convocation and CHRD Classes.

Designation Name
Head Officer U Than Sein
Registrar (Student Affairs) Daw Tin Tin Thaw
Registrar (Examination and Convocation) Daw Than Than Oo
Head of Branch (Student Affairs)
Head of Branch (Student Affairs)
Assistant Registrar (Convocation) -
Assistant Registrar (Examination)
Head of Branch (Examination) -  Daw Nwet Yin


Students Registration and Records
Extra-curricula activities
CHRD Classes

Learning support services

The learning support services consist of academic and administrative services.

Academic Services : The academic services are provided through printing materials including texts and study guides, CDs and assignments. Furthermore, practical works are also provided for science students. For non-science students, ten-day intensive courses are arranged prior to sitting for the final examination. Both practical works and intensive courses are facilitated by qualified tutors, instructors, lecturers supervised by YUDE.

Administrative Services : Administrative services are emphasized in providing assistance to students in registration, obtaining learning materials and addressing other matters that can influence students' study process. Printed material (known as module) serves as the main learning medium, supplemented by non-printed materials such as recorded learning materials (audio video cassettes, CD, radio and TV), YUDE assures the high quality of its learning materials.


The assessment of student learning is based on: assignments, practical works, and final examination. These components reflect students' overall learning achievement and contribute to the semester final grades of the students. YUDE administers final examinations at the end of the academic year. Final examinations are conducted as supervised pencil-paper tests simultaneously throughout the country.

Operational Networking

YUDE has 15 regional branches in lower Myanmar. To support their operations, YUDE establishes close collaboration with the universities and colleges situated in lower Myanmar for intensive courses, practical works, assessing assignments and examination supervision. In addition, YUDE cooperates with local radio and TV stations for transmitting TV lessons and radio talks because assignment guides, intensive course guides are broadcasted by the radio and television station (MRTV 4).

Function : The Administration and Finance Department is responsible for managing Human Resource Development, administering general affairs, procurement and store, managing financial affairs, maintaining the estate and engineering.

Designation Name
Head Officer - U Than Hlaing
Head of Division (Finance)
Senior Engineer
Head of Division (Store & General) -
Head of Division (Administration) - Daw Sabal Tun
Head of Branch (Finances)(1) -  Daw Mya Mya Htwe
Head of Branch (Administration) - Daw Si Si Moe Aung, 
Head of Branch (Store & General) - Daw Lwin Lwin Khaing
Head of Branch (Finances)(2) - Daw Shwe Sin
Assistance Engineer - U Myo Thwin, Daw Chaw Su Win
Landscape Officer -


  • Human Resource Management
  • General Administration
  • Procurement and Store
  • Financial Management
  • Maintenance & Estate
  • Engineering

Designation Admin Staff (Full-time) Designation Main Campus
Officers 40
Staffs 169
Total 209

Designation Academic Staff (Full-time) Designation Main Campus
Professors 26
Associate Professors 30
Lecturers 54
Associate Lecturers 19
Tutors / Demonstrators 56
Total 185

Function : The Department of Materials, Production and Distributing takes charge of printing and publishing materials for YUDE students. It distributes printed materials and audio (CD, VCD) to students. It not only makes plans for TV Shooting and Radio recording but also keeps records of TV and radio programmes.

Designation Name
Head Officer - U Saw Stephen
Head of Division (Printing and Publication) -
Head of Division (Materials Distribution) -
Head of Branch (Materials Distribution) - Daw Myint Thandar Aye
Head of Division (Audio Visual Production) -
Head of Branch (Printing and Publication) -
Head of Branch (Audio)(Audio Visual Production) -
Head of Branch (TV) (Audio Visual Production) - Daw Ni Ni Khaing


  • Preparation for Printing and Publication
  • Distribution of Printed Materials and Audio CD, VCD
  • Planning for TV Shooting and Radio recording
  • Recording TV and Radio Programmes

Function : The Department of Supervision and Evaluation monitors, gives guidance, coordinates and supervises the Regional Centres and learning centres in lower Myanmar. Occasionally, it makes inspection and evaluation of the teaching , learning and administrative activities of these centres.

Designation Name
Head Officer - U Saw Stephen
Head of Division ( Supervision ) -
Head of Division ( Supervision ) -
Head of Branch ( Supervision ) - Daw Moe Thida, Daw Aye Aye Soe


  • Monitoring ,guiding, coordinating and supervising the Regional Centres and learning centres in lower Myanmar.
  • Inspection and Evaluation of the teaching , learning and administrative activities of the centres.

Function : The Research and Development and Training Department provides library services, assistance for research works on teaching, learning process and systems development, statistics and planning, computing, data processing and reprographics. It is mainly responsible for staff development and training.

Designation Name
Head Officer - U Tun Naing Zaw
Head of Branch - Daw Sandar Lin
Research Officer -
Manager ( Computer ) - Daw Hla Hla Maw
Assistant Manager ( Computer ) - U Kyaw Thura
Assistant Manager ( Computer ) - Daw Aye Aye Mar
Assistant Manager ( Computer )
Assistant Manager ( Computer ) -
Assistant Librarian - Daw Maw Maw Aye
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