Rector Message

Message Sent By Rector

Education has always been given high priority in Myanmar society since ancient times. In order to face the challenges of the Knowledge Age as a learning society, educational issues such as equity, quality, internal and external efficiency must be strengthened especially when information and technology together with science will influence our every-day-lives. The Ministry of Education is undertaking the long-term education development plan with the bold vision to create an education system that will generate a learning society capable of facing the challenges of the Knowledge Age. The introduction of open education system that will create a life-lone learning society proves a more flexible alternative mode of education delivery in Myanmar. Steps have already been taken to provide a more equitable system by adapting the existing Universities of Distance Education to be more in line with the practices of the well-established Open Universities in some of the developed countries. Myanmar, a nation which is already rich in natural resources, needs highly qualified human resources to extract and utilize these natural resources effectively and systematically for the interest of the state. It is of vital to nurture young generation who will take over the responsibilities of the state at each and every angle together with the prosperity of the current richness of natural resources. YUDE is one of the higher education institutions which provides higher education to those who have desire to seek education with minimum cost and without having to leave their homes and jobs. In order to cope with the challenges of the Knowledge Age and to ensure that learning opportunities are open for citizens wherever they find themselves, regardless of age, experience and educational qualifications, while observing that in modern times, open education system provides ample learning opportunities that transcend the limitations of place and time by utilizing information and technologies and that the time has come when electronic education has been accepted as part of the mainstream international education.

e-Education System

As Myanmar is an ASEAN member, it has become essential to promote the entire education sector for the flourishing of an education system which is at par with other ASEAN nations. Hence, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has made plans for the emergence of a higher education system which attains the level of the developed nations of South - East Asia within a four-year period starting from Financial Year 2000-2001.To improve all spheres of higher learning namely teaching methods, subjects offered, modern teaching aids, physical facilities of the institutions of higher learning, e-Education Learning Centres have been set up at universities, degree colleges, colleges and some state high schools and the following equipments are provided to have access to electronic data broadcasting system via satellite:

  • 3 Meter Dish and Low Noise Block
  • DBR 2000E Data Receiver
  • 29" Television, TV Stand and Audio Cable
  • Video Cassette Recorder
  • Audio Cassette Recorder
  • Computer Pentium III with Table
  • Laser Jet Printer (HP-1100)
  • Hub (8 ports)
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • CD-Writer
  • Auto Telephone

The MOE has opened e-Education Learning Centres all over the nation, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Information, is building a new learning society with the use of electronics media. Altogether 203 learning centres have been opened in all states and divisions, 10 in Kachin State, 1 in Kayah State, 4 in Kayin State, 4 in Chin State, 18 in Sagaing Division, 8 in Taninthayi Division, 12 in Bago Division (East), 12 in Bago Division (West), 15 in Magway Division, 27 in Mandalay Division, 10 in Mon State, 6 in Rakhine State, 43 in Yangon Division, 7 in Shan State (South), 2 in Shan State (East), 5 in Shan State (North) and 19 in Ayeyawaddy Division. In these Learning Centres the YUDE students are able to receive words, sound and color pictures broadcast from the Resource Centre of YUDE which is situated in Myanmar Education Research Bureau through Satellite Data Broadcasting System and discussions can be made directly. Lectures, academic subjects and technological subjects can be easily learn through computer servers kept at these learning centres, television and satellite. The e-Education Learning Centres existing at state high schools are under the respective regional centre of YUDE, and are normally function on weekends and weekday evenings. With the building and use of electronic data broadcasting system, e-Education system has been successfully integrated into Myanmar education system.

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