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E-Education System

As Myanmar is an ASEAN member, it has become essential to promote the entire education sector for the flourishing of an education system which is at par with other ASEAN nations. Hence, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has made plans for the emergence of a higher education system which attains the level of the developed nations of South - East Asia within a four-year period starting from Financial Year 2000-2001.To improve all spheres of higher learning namely teaching methods, subjects offered, modern teaching aids, physical facilities of the institutions of higher learning, e-Education Learning Centres have been set up at universities, degree colleges, colleges and some state high schools and the following equipments are provided to have access to electronic data broadcasting system via satellite:

The MOE has opened e-Education Learning Centres all over the nation, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Information, is building a new learning society with the use of electronics media. Altogether 203 learning centres have been opened in all states and divisions, 10 in Kachin State, 1 in Kayah State, 4 in Kayin State, 4 in Chin State, 18 in Sagaing Division, 8 in Taninthayi Division, 12 in Bago Division (East), 12 in Bago Division (West), 15 in Magway Division, 27 in Mandalay Division, 10 in Mon State, 6 in Rakhine State, 43 in Yangon Division, 7 in Shan State (South), 2 in Shan State (East), 5 in Shan State (North) and 19 in Ayeyawaddy Division. In these Learning Centres the YUDE students are able to receive words, sound and color pictures broadcast from the Resource Centre of YUDE which is situated in Myanmar Education Research Bureau through Satellite Data Broadcasting System and discussions can be made directly. Lectures, academic subjects and technological subjects can be easily learn through computer servers kept at these learning centres, television and satellite. The e-Education Learning Centres existing at state high schools are under the respective regional centre of YUDE, and are normally function on weekends and weekday evenings. With the building and use of electronic data broadcasting system, e-Education system has been successfully integrated into Myanmar education system.

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