Organization Of Studies


At present, the YUDE admits to its first year courses only those students who have passed the matriculation examination. In the very near future qualification for admission will be more lenient and open as steps are now being taken by YUDE to move towards development of Open University. Students who are already studying at conventional universities can transfer to YUDE and continue their studies without disadvantage since the transfer of credit points will be accepted at YUDE.

Academic Programme

YUDE offers 18 Bachelor programmes and 2 online programme for BA(5-years) and Diploma in Law.

Bachelor Programs

Subject Specialization Duration Degree
Myanmar 4 years BA
Creative Writing 4 years BA
Myanmar Studies 4 years BA
English 4 years BA
History 4 years BA
Geography 4 years BA
Philosophy 4 years BA
Psychology 4 years BA
Law 5 years BA
Economics 4 years BA
Business Management 4 years BA
Public Policy 4 years BA
Home Economics 4 years BA
Oriental Studies 4 years BA
Mathematics 4 years B.Sc
Physics 4 years B.Sc
Chemistry 4 years B.Sc
Botany 4 years B.Sc
Zoology 4 years B.Sc
Law (Online) 2 year

5 years

4 Year


BA Law


Distance Education System

The YUDE adopts a multimedia approach to instruction whereby the instructional system is carried out as follows:

  • Self-instructional print materials in package form of text-books and study-guide books are handed over to the students at the beginning of the academic year.
  • As part of the package audio cassettes are also delivered to the students.
  • Audio and video programmes are broadcast to facilitate learning. These broadcast lessons are also made available in the form of audio and video cassette tapes.
  • For courses in science, arrangements are made to enable students to undertake practicals and attend tutorial sessions at Regional learning centres at week-ends.
  • Learning Centre for non-science students are established at selected high schools. Provisions for listening to audio cassette tapes, watching viedo cassette tapes, studying with the help of CD Roms and access to computer network facilities are made available at the Learning Centres. University teachers assigned to the Learning Centres conduct face-to-face classes and attend to the needs of students through counselling.
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